Monday, May 17, 2010

Building a Network

Well, things are on the move yet, I think. A recent, surprising turn of events has yielded an increase in my connectivity to the world. Jimmy Hinson of OCRemix and Wall of Sound, Inc. started following me on Twitter, which I believe warrants a minor geek celebration. I've greatly enjoyed what I have heard of Jimmy's work, primarily on Mass Effect 2. Needless to say, it's the equivalent of Justin Bieber following one of his fans, except I'm not rabid or a pedophile.

Having that minor connection, be it small or large, is of worth to me. Networking is important on both a social level and career level. On a social level, it is helpful to have friends to stay connected to, keep up with, and be able to ask questions and discuss thoughtful or thoughtless subjects. On a career level, there is a heavier emphasis on what work you can get through connections. Previously, a direct line of communication proved rather fruitless with Lead Designer A from Company B. I understand Lead Designer A from Company B is probably very busy on creating Title C, but it was-at the time-somewhat discouraging. I have since learned that sometimes, a direct line to a developer is not what gets one work; rather, sometimes you have to be discoverable and just do your own thing before someone takes interest. You can't force interest, or people won't want to deal with you.

YouTube has proven something of a network, as I've established more incoming connections than requested connections in the past few months, which says something about my presence on YouTube. It may be small, but something tells me I am discoverable.

Here's hoping for a continued up-and-up.

PS I am composing a processional for a wedding. I need a theme...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Various Updates

Good evening. It's been a while since I updated here, but I suppose enough developments have transpired to warrant another posting.

First up on the docket, a song to share, with a sampled instrument courtesy of one Dave Graham. This piece uses several instruments, including percussion, strings, guitar, synthesizer, and more. However, it is Graham's sampled prepared piano instrument that offers a unique percussion texture. Take a listen!

Next on the docket is a happy development in the job world- I have finally gotten a job as an independent contractor for This has thus far occupied my time for the last two weeks, as I get up at the crack o' dawn to post all news related to video games for the humble site. I am very glad to contribute, the site has a lot of potential and I truly hope WeGame succeeds.

Lastly, a monumental celebration of sorts. I am officially half-over with my final quarter at Berklee. Despite some gripes I have had in the past with it, I really can't complain. It's been a phenomenal educational experience and I am forever grateful to those who made this opportunity possible, and those who have furthered my education.

That said, may the rest of you have a happy evening.