Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twelve Tone Semi and A Matter of Diplomacy

It's here, folks! Twelve Tone Semi- an association of composers, musicians, and songwriters of which I am a part of- finally has a website! Click below!

Twelve Tone Semi Home Page

Over the coming months, it will be updated and refined, but having a presence on the internet is important. The above link has some of my work, albeit not too recent. This will also change soon. This association was made possible by the ever talented Dreux Priore, who got several Berkleemusic and independent artists of all stripes to join him in a collective noble quest for glory, the creation of amazing music, and establishment of ourselves as reputable music artists.

I'm very excited about this prospect.

In other news, I had a recent online run-in with an individual who thought the Protect Chagos video I created music for was of my own making, and further assumed I was an agent, representative or advocate for the Protect Chagos campaign. This was and is not the case. I tactfully explained that I merely posted the video online so that others might so my music in action, and was not a move to show my support of Protect Chagos. The individual had opened dialogue through means of sharply worded messages. I can only presume that this might be a case of internet "butthurt," seeing as the Protect Chagos campaign was ultimately successful.

To top this all off, this was not a matter of United States politics, but of United Kingdom politics (at least, to my understanding). So basically, I had someone from across the pond attack my nonexistent views on this campaign, insisting that I "learn the history of the Chagos Islands." I responded with tact in 563 words explaining my non-position in the matter, and so far, have not received a response- which I hope means I was successful in getting my point across. And it only took me a short essay to do so!

Verbosity aside, I hope you enjoy my work and will announce more exciting things as they happen with Twelve Tone Semi.