Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Term

So. I've just begun my new term with Berkleemusic. Well, actually, I'm three weeks in. I'm taking an Orchestration class, a Game Audio (sort of like Audio Engineering for video games) class, "Recording and Producing in the Home Studio," and "Songwriting Workshop: Writing Hit Songs." Out of the aforementioned, the one I'm enjoying most is Orchestration. My instructor, Ben Newhouse, is a very encouraging and particularly wise individual. I feel like I'm unlocking the potential of EastWest's Symphonic Orchestra. Which is fantastic.

My other classes are so-so. I am most definitely not enjoying Songwriting Workshop. I am a terrible lyric writer, and I don't have a knack for verse. So without having any previous lyric writing instruction, I'm more or less stabbing in the dark for that. On top of that, I have to sing my own lyrics (so far). And let me tell you, I am no vocalist. At all. Game Audio isn't too bad, some of the scripting stuff goes over my head, but I'm sure it will all make sense to me soon. I'm just glad I can get some insight into game audio implementation and architecture.

In other news, I worked for Grassroots Campaigns for all of three days. I discovered it wasn't my thing.

But hey, I'm $150 richer- if only to be used for subsistence.