Monday, June 28, 2010

The End is the Beginning

Well, I finally did it. I finished all of my coursework with Berklee. It's weird to have it be over after basically nine straight months of schoolwork to get here. It's quite the feeling. I should receive my Master Certificate in Orchestration for TV and Film in the flesh (or on paper, I guess) sometime in the next month or so. And this is where the fun begins.

Here's a couple things I did this semester.
Alchemy Wedding Scene (Source Music)

Alchemy Montage Scene

Waterford Crystal Factory Documentary

I honestly don't know what else to say. I'm thrilled to be where I am right now. Now I'm off to do all the projects I staved off while finishing my certificate. And to figure out how to build a website proper. Not so much looking forward to that, but it's a necessity.

I really don't know how else to close this post. I'm just very, very, happy.