Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mass Effect 3 Fan Music

Before it was announced that Clint Mansell (composer for the films Black Swan, Moon, and Smokin' Aces) would be scoring the upcoming video game Mass Effect 3, it was assumed that Wall of Sound (the collaborative composing group spearheaded by Video Games Live conductor Jack Wall) would be scoring the final installment of the Mass Effect trilogy. Sam Hulick had even created a tentative thematic piece, which would more than likely have been used at the start of the game:

While the choice of Clint Mansell is a bit surprising, I am interested to hear what he brings to the table. Nevertheless, I am a bit saddened that Wall of Sound must go its own way at this time. They are all very talented, and the team will be missed, I am sure.

I had previously created a piece meant to be a speculative work as to what the Wall of Sound Mass Effect 3 would sound like. You can listen and comment below.

Mass Effect 3 Earth Under Siege (Fan Music) by Isaac Vail

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here's What's Up.

It's been some time since my last update, so here's the news with me.

Bad news first: Twelve Tone Semi is not currently moving forward. Until that my colleagues can find a suitable way to make the service work, it will not have a presence on the world wide web, which is unfortunate indeed.

Good news: I have just finished working on a documentary called "Dakota Hunter". I was one of three or four contributing composers to the project. It was a unique project. It gave me the chance to branch out as far as styles go. I did some Latin and African grooves to suit the film's global scale, following a man who purchases parts of old planes on behalf of museums and collectors in their reconstructions of the Douglas DC-3 Dakota, a supply plane in World War II.

I have my fingers crossed that the director uses most, if not, all of my pieces.

More good news: One, if not two possible projects coming up. I'm hoping to meet with another director who I once served with on jury duty (a stroke of luck, eh?). He has three projects going simultaneously, so I have my hopes. As for the second, my friend has started shooting his second student film. I watched the crew work in the desolate desert for their first day of shooting. As I guessed, it was slow. The crew members are champs for weathering all sorts of obstacles. And to think I once had a middle school dream of being a film director... Nevertheless, I will begin scoring that film this upcoming month, which is very exciting.

Aside from that, there is not much to report other than my increased work toward selling music online. We'll see how that goes, there is quite a bit of competition for that.

Here I go.